I’m a proud, native North Carolinian. I grew up in Greensboro and got to attend UNC Chapel Hill for college. During those years, I was involved pretty heavily in my church, different community service groups, and soccer. After college, I went to Liberty University School of Law, passed the California bar exam, and joined a talent agency as an agent’s assistant in Los Angeles. After a few months in the position, I realized I wanted to practice law and live in the south. So, I moved back to North Carolina. Shortly after returning, I took the North Carolina bar exam and joined the NC State Bar. About a year and a half later, I met Matthew Weaver in Columbia, SC and we started this firm in Charlotte.

One of the primary reasons I started this firm was because I noticed, and wanted to help fight, a problem that happens every day in criminal law. I don’t know whether it’s systemic or reflects misplaced goals in our legal system but once you see someone go into the court system, you rarely see them get out. And so, as a criminal defense attorney, I set two goals for my firm. The first is fairly simple. If you’re innocent, Matthew and I will fight to keep you out of the system. The second is a bit more complicated and involves working with clients that are looking to right their wrong. That often involves pushing for sentences that promote rehabilitation instead of recidivism. So, I’m very interested in pushing toward creative sentencing in the NC courts, increasing rehabilitation opportunities, and limiting the need for incarceration. If you’re in need of help and looking to move past your situation, we are interested in representing you.

We cannot guarantee an outcome and results vary for each individual case.