Business Law & Contracts

Larsen Weaver will organize and bring your corporation, Professional Corporation, LLC, or Nonprofit Company into existence. From drafting the required paperwork to getting approval from licensing authorities and setting up bank accounts, the attorneys at Larsen Weaver will help you every step of the way. As a result of helping local businesses in North Carolina and South Carolina, we know the requirements needed to establish various entities, as well as their tax implications and liability. If you are looking to turn your idea into a business, the attorneys at Larsen Weaver can help you achieve those goals at competitive rates and quickly.

Moreover, if you have a contract dispute, we offer a wide variety of services, from writing demand letters to filing lawsuits. Larsen Weaver will draft demand letters to the party unwilling to perform in accordance with their contractual duties. The letters are brief and to the point. They explain what we want to accomplish and provide a directive for the other party to comply with before the institution of legal proceedings. Of course, the legal proceedings are important as the underlying threat to take the demand letter seriously.

The next step might mean filing a complaint to request the court to enter a judgment that orders the other party to comply with the contract or to compensate the non-breaching party for expectations foregone.

Throughout the course of the dispute, the parties will engage in negotiation and mediation to attempt to resolve the conflict. Larsen Weaver has skilled negotiators who ensure that the dialogue hovers around what is most important to our clients. We obtain beneficial outcomes for our clients and work amicably with the other side to ideally retain working relationships when we can. We understand how important relationships are to small businesses - we use that to our client's advantage.

Some disputes will qualify for the small claims division of civil court. Generally, the small claims court is a less formal forum to hear a complaint that is less than $10,000 in controversy. Each county sets its own guidelines, however, and some counties in North Carolina limit the amount in controversy even more. This is a good way to settle a dispute that does not have significant monetary damages, and a magistrate will preside over the hearing. While a lawyer is not always needed in small claims court, Larsen Weaver can brief your complaint and support your arguments so that you enter the hearing prepared. 

If the amount in controversy is higher than $10,000, or the dispute contains issues better suited for a more formal court setting, Larsen Weaver can skillfully represent you throughout the litigation process.

There will be several possible remedies to consider throughout the process. Larsen Weaver is great at listening to our clients and discovering what is in their best interest to pursue in terms of outcomes.