First Time Offenders

If you have a clean criminal record and were charged with a crime in North Carolina, you may have a good opportunity to have your case dismissed. This applies to all kinds of offenses, including drugs, alcohol, theft, and assaults. Since many of the arrangements involve specific statutes and depend on the county, it is best to speak with an attorney for a plan of action. Whether you’re the ideal candidate for deferred prosecution or a conditional discharge, we have the experience needed to walk you through the process to clear your name.


Your criminal history and background can have a direct impact on your ability to land a job or be accepted into the school of your choice. When applying for a job, loan, school, or educational program, there will usually be a background check of some extent performed on you. Many people are surprised to find out that even though their criminal case was dismissed, the arrest records and case information still remain on their criminal record, are public information, and show up on background checks. Fortunately, you may be eligible for an expunction that would erase the records of the arrest. At Larsen Weaver, we have expunged many records ranging from clients charged with drug offenses, DWIs, and larceny, to name a few. Moreover, we take it a step further and reach out to online sites to have clients’ names and mug shots removed from web searches and databases. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean record and believe it’s very important to go the extra mile for our customers to help erase their record completely. Please contact us to inquire about our expungment services.


Marijuana and Alcohol Charges

In North Carolina, marijuana is completely illegal and carries with it penalties ranging from jail time, fines, losing your driver’s license, drug treatment, or probation. Moreover, a conviction of marijuana can have negative impacts on your employment or education. For students at UNC Charlotte and surrounding colleges, you become subject to a school disciplinary board and can face expulsion. Although the public stigma of marijuana has lessened, the North Carolina courts still mandate serious penalties for it; thus, it is wise to seek attorney representation so that your rights are protected and you have an opportunity to beat the charge.

Furthermore, there are a number of crimes on the books that involve alcohol, from regulating underage possession to open container laws. The consequences for these crimes are exceedingly harsh and often include high fines and losing your driver’s license. By going to court on your own and paying the fine, you subject yourself to surprising results that go far beyond the fine, even subjecting you to time in jail.  Therefore, if you have been charged with a crime involving alcohol, it is advantageous to hire an attorney so you aren’t hit with any surprises.