Property Law

In North Carolina, the legislature codified property law in NCGS Chapters §§ 38 through §§ 47. Here, you will find laws addressing landlord and tenant rights, boundary disputes, as well as mortgages.  Moreover, the statutes here specify whether cases should be filed in district or superior court and even where to file deeds and various conveyances of property.  At Larsen Weaver, we have attorneys who are passionate about private property rights and very interested in making sure our clients are treated fairly under the law, whether that be by local town governments, home owners associations, or landlords.

Our attorneys have handled the various issues presented in the previously mentioned chapters with success and currently represent clients throughout the Carolinas on a number of issues. Our clients include commercial real estate developers, rental companies, property owners, and apartment renters. This broad range of clients has provided us with the knowledge and experience to argue in Superior Court, annex public land to private property owners, and draft and review landlord/tenant agreements. Moreover, the attorneys at Larsen Weaver attend closings and have an extensive network of title insured attorneys that can help with other real estate transactions.

If you have a landlord tenant dispute, a boundary dispute, or need legal services to conduct a real estate transaction, contact Larsen Weaver for a free consultation to discuss your options and our services.